Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!

When you attend a uniform school, any day you get to wear free dress is pretty exciting.  Even more exciting is when you get to wear your pajamas and steal your little brother's stompeez.
For Dr. Seuss' birthday, the Kindergartners have a full day of celebrations.  Of course Sadie had to get new pajamas to wear, despite having plenty of good ones.  The only rule she had to make sure to tell me was, "If you sleep in your underwear and a tank top, you need to wear something more appropriate."
I got to go in as a guest reader in my very own PJs.  I picked Hooray for Differndoofer Day.  It is a really neat book, with a cool back story -- so if you haven't read it, check it out.  Sadie said I was the best reader of the entire day.  Thanks for always saying the right thing baby doll!

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