Spring Soccer

Remember how I cave to peer pressure?  This time I forced my poor daughter along.  At least she looks awesome doing it. 

My very fun friends, Kristin and Molly, decided to put together a team for the soccer season. How can you beat such photogenic coaches?  Wouldn't you say yes too?
At first I wasn't even considering joining because a. we don't need another sport on our plate b. Sadie had no interest in soccer and c. I'm terribly uncoordinated and I think all of my kids have inherited this lack of "skillz."  But then allllllllllll of my friends were joining the team so why wouldn't I??  I am a terrible example.

I signed Sadie up and informed her after school one day.  Sadie: "But Mom, I don't want to play soccer."  Me: "Avery and Brynley are on the team."  Sadie: "I love soccer."  Now maybe the dialogue was worded slightly different, but that's the general gist of it.
Sadie's very favorite friends are Bryn and Avery and I think she would do anything if it meant she could spend more time with them.  I was also excited because three of my running girl friends also had girls on the team and I wanted Sadie to be friends with their cute girls just like I was friends with their cute moms.
 Avery, Grace, Izzy, Audrey, Hayley, McKenna, Sadie, Brynley (Zac) and Sophia

Our team is actually made up entirely of people we know so it has been the  Goooooo Parrots (yes, our shirts are hideous hunter green and this is what the girls went with -- it also makes it confusing when Molly shouts, "Listen up Parrots," and all the adults think she is yelling "Parents").

All in all it's been a really fun experience.  The league is great, the coaches are the BEST, practice is close and Sadie is having so much fun.  She's not as intense as some of the girls, but she is definitely working on her aggressiveness and this week she even stole the ball, turned it around and dribbled up the field (and then she did it again the second half, but she forgot we changed goals at halftime. . . .oops).  Maybe she'll be a soccer star yet!!

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