A little dramatic interlude. . .

To make up for my shocking lack of cultural experiences lately, fate handed me 3 days of plays.

My first play was with Sadie's Kindergarten class on a Tuesday.  I'm assuming every school has the same abundance of parent volunteers and every mom feels like it's Christmas morning when they get the e-mail saying they've been picked to chaperone. Too say I was giddy would be an understatement.

I don't know who was more excited though -- Sadie or me.  I am trying to enjoy my last few years of my kids thinking that I am a superhero.
My group was very sweet and extremely funny.  That one little boy had the most enormous lunch I have ever seen.  So large that I had to write it all down.  He had a sandwich, a fruit leather, gogurt, a protein bar, goldfish, gummi worms, snow caps, an apple and a juice box.  And  And it was only 10:30!  I actually had been wondering what I should pack myself for lunch when I realized that we were eating that early and I would in fact not be hungry.

We saw "Recipe for Disaster."  Sadie was enthralled.  It was a goofy little play with many mishaps and much misfortune.  While all the kids laughed at the physical humor, Sadie looked slightly concerned.  My favorite line was something to the effect of, "The magic ingredient that makes everything taste better is love?  I always thought it was butter."
Side story: Before Sadie's Christmas party I was talking in the hall with a mom whose son, Marcus, was in Ellie's kindergarten class. Marcus had a huge crush on Ellie back then.  So we're catching up as we realize we both have kids in the same Kindergarten class again. She shows me who her son is and I point Sadie.  She replies, "I should have known!  It's always a Rogers girl!"  Turns out Jaxon has a crush on Sadie.  Sadie of course loves it.

The next night had been planned for over 6 months -- Beauty and the Beast.  My girlfriend Maggie purchased tickets for a huge group of us to go see it together with our daughters.
Oh how I love my girls.  I am such a lucky mom.  They are such fun ages right now.  Ellie picked out all of our outfits and jewelry so we would somewhat coordinate.

Before the play we met up with 5 other moms and their daughters who could make it for a very early dinner complete with a hilarious waiter and Shirley Temples with cherries on top.
We may have spent too much time ordering because we were pushing it to make it to the musical on time.  Maggie had brought red roses for all the girls sitting with us.
The night was magical despite Gaston's lack of muscles, the slightly Vegas style costuming at times and not getting home until close to 11 pm on a school night.  I kept looking over at my gorgeous girls and thinking how lucky I am.  Sadie was a little scared of the wolves and kept climbing up into my lap, but other than that they were both angels for the whole evening.

Thursday night Dustin and I met up for dinner with friends before the third play.  As we scootched into the booth I felt giddy -- like I had ditched school or something being out with friends on a school night.  Then we proceeded on to watch one of my Young Women in her high school production of Singing in the Rain.  I was surprised at how many of the kids had never seen the musical and how vowed to introduce mine sometime well before High School.

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