I scream, you scream. . .

For Ellie's 11th birthday I threw her a little ice cream party.  Ellie is possibly the most adorable child in the world to throw a party for.  She honestly doesn't ask for anything and she gives the best compliments.  When she saw everything set up the night before she just covered her mouth and said, "I'm so excited Mom!"

When people ask her what she wants, she always says she doesn't know and she is more than thrilled with whatever she gets. She even lets her little siblings in on the fun.

I had so much fun shopping for this party.  I actually bought the little cups around Valentine's Day just hoping for a reason to use them.  Then my uber-talented sister made all the printables -- the banner, the food tags, the birthday sign. . . And I found Jones soda at Costco in red and blue to match!

 My girlfriend just started up a cookie business and made some cookies for the theme.

We had a photo booth complete with props (courtesy once again of my AH-MAZING sister)

And made these ice cream cone headband hats (thank you pinterest).    They were fun for awhile but I think I burnt myself at least a dozen times hot gluing the rosettes together.

Then off they went to eat some pizza and drink lots and lots of soda.

I made them eat outside to save myself from the loud chattering and shrieks.  Girls are fun, but I think they have more fun when you leave them alone.

We also played one of those games where you have to match up names with your partner and then sit on their lap.  I think they loved that best.

Followed by singing to the birthday girl and digging into the ice cream bar.

 Ellie made the little tissue pop ice cream decoration.  She is the BEST!

And then a little glow in the dark hide-and-go-seek to finish the night off.

Ellie really does have the cutest friends and I am always happy to have them over. Happy Birthday Ellie!!


Megan said...

That is so cute! Fun idea for a party and Ellie is so darling!!

Kristine Hodson said...

Great Post!
Ellie is the SWEETEST young lady!
I have never heard her complain or be mad!
I love Ellie!
Love Aunt Beaney