We love birthdays at our house!  For Ellie's birthday we decorated her door:
Oh wait, it was really cute, but before I could get a picture of it, she came busting out.

Donuts for breakfast and a lunch party at school.  I brought brownies and hats for everyone at the lunch table.  Apparently Ellie was too cool for the hat.  I tried to explain that it was mock nerdy and mock nerdy is super cool.  Everyone else got it.

Then we went to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner (after Dustin bought a new car -- I guess it should be Ellie's when she turns 16??). Ellie noticed that the kid's menu is for kids 10 and under. 
We ordered way too many desserts, and the kids were all full so I think Dustin and I each ate 2 butter cakes.   

Ellie at ELEVEN!

Favorite Color: Pink, green, turquoise, yellow and purple

Favorite Number: 2 and 101

Favorite Drink: Root Beer and Shirley Temples

Favorite Food: Dessert

Favorite Game: Clue

Favorite Animal: Koalas, Penguins, Pandas and Giraffes

Favorite TV Show: Good Luck Charlie

I feel sad when: I have to do a report

I feel mad when: Luke is being mean

I like it when my friends: tell jokes

I like it when I: am happy

I wish I could: have a million dollars

Who is your best friend? Everyone that was at my birthday party and Kyla, because she had to miss

Why? Because they are funny and nice

What makes you laugh? Funny baby videos

What is your favorite movie? Monte Carlo

What are you most afraid of? Burglars and murderers

What is your favorite song? Anything by Taylor Swift and One Direction

What is your favorite activity? Swimming and taking showers (this might be because she's in a cast at the moment)

What do you want to be when you grow up? A Primary Teacher

What three things are you are good at? Art, playing with Luke and smiling

What is the best thing about being eleven? One year away from Young Women

What makes you special? My sense of humor

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Megan said...

She is beautiful! I can't believe our baby girls are going to be in Young Women next year!