Fathers and Sons

I have anxiously been awaiting the year when all the boys would take off for Fathers and Sons.  I watched years of facebook posts and blog entries where mothers and daughters had crafts nights, stayed up too late and ate lots of junk food.  Last year I practically forced Dustin to take Luke so I too could join in on the fun and this year it was EVE.BETTER!

Dustin invited a friend and his two boys to come along with our Ward, so after we stuffed our car and roof rack full of enough food and camping equipment for just one night (seriously, we can never camp, I don't know where we would haul all the stuff) the girls and I ran inside the house and squealed to be boy free.  Actually we just came in the house and counted the hour until we could leave for our own fun. I had just been up at school for the Ellie's "Human Growth and Development" class so we were both a little "girls only"ed out.

Jill, Chelsea and I planned a night out to the Cheesecake factory.  Chelsea's Nixon is one of Luke's favorite friends so he was off camping with his dad too so she just had her baby and Jill only had her Sadie and little Tessa. I decided to let Ellie invite a friend so she would have just as much fun as the rest of us.  On the drive there I realized that ironically enough she had invited her friend Ellie.  So we had 2 Ellies, 2 Sadies and the two babies.

After Cheesecake Factory we did some shopping around the mall.  Holy cow did I learn an important lesson -- never take Sadie shopping.  She literally cried every time we left a store without something she wanted.  Even if it was the pet store.  Somehow in her head, she thought I was going to buy her a dog. But that's kind of how her mind works -- whatever she wants should and will come to fruition.  That explains how I got suckered into getting her the exact same pair of sandals that broke not 2 weeks earlier.

After we were all shopped out we headed back to our house for manicures and pedicures and to eat our cheesecake.
I'm assuming it would have been amazing to sleep in the next day, but I got up at 5 to go running with my girlfriends.  When I got home the girls were still tucked in their bed, so I crawled back into mine and caught up on my DVR ilst. I could not believe how quiet the house was. Luckily for us, the boys were home soon and the chaos was restored.

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