Mother's Day

I keep thinking how sad I will be once the kids grow up and I no longer get to go hear Mother's Day songs and they buy me gifts instead of making them for me.

My first celebration was Luke's pre-school.
They hosted a brunch for us and sang some songs.  Luke sang so loud and so sweetly (unlike at his graduation).  Even better, he insisted on giving me a kiss after each one.

His shirt is wet because he played in the soaking wet water during the eating portion of the event.

His teacher gives us all the cutest gifts every year.  I love them.  The year Sadie got hers, she promptly ran home, threw the one Nate had given me on the floor and put hers on the plate stand.

 Then Sadie's kindergarten class had us in for Moms and Muffins.
 They had filled out the usual survey, but Sadie's was surprisingly accurate (except for the weight -- if only).  Nate actually filled one out for me in his class as well and I laughed when he answered, "My mom cooks. . ." with "cookies" too. 

Sunday was wonderful just having Dustin home and he even made me shrimp for lunch. Poor Ellie ended up being really sick so I came home with her right after Sacrament Meeting.

I felt badly for making her even get dressed for church once I realized she had such a bad fever.  Thanks kids for indulging me for the day!

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