I Love to See the Temple

We have been watching and waiting patiently for two years as our Gilbert Temple has been built. I can hardly believe the Open House is finally here.
Every time we drive to the soccer fields, Costco, or our friend's house I would tell the kids how I couldn't wait to take them inside. I was so grateful for the opportunity for all of us to be inside the temple together as a family.

During the Open House anyone from the general public can come and see the inside of our temples before they are dedicated for worship.  I was so honored that so many of my friends were open to coming with us as well.
Hopefully all 4 of my kids will take their endowments out there one day and we'll all get to be inside together again.

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Lara said...

Love this! I have loved seeing so many of my friends in that exact spot with their families in the last couple weeks. Can't wait to go there someday myself. I wish it were tomorrow.