Zoo Day

Nate's 3rd grade field trip was to the zoo. This worked out fantastically for me because I just showed up with Luke and Briggs, didn't have to be in charge of anyone or ride on the very loud bus, and still got to hang out with Nate.

His group was only four kids and they wanted pictures at the most random times. Like by the giant macaroni and cheese noodle:

Nate has some interesting poses:

Of course every time the big kids posed for a picture, the little boys wanted one too.

 Photo bombed:
It was fun to go with Nate and spend some time hanging out with him. He wanted to make sure he was always by me or I always following him. We also went to a few parts of the zoo that I never visit including the snake house which the little boys LOVED.
One of the rules of the field trip was the kids weren't allowed to do anything that cost extra, so as soon as the kids were suppose to be back on the bus, we headed straight for the Carousel since Luke was dying to  ride it.
It was the perfect field trip!!