Valentine's Day

I *heart* Valentine's Day. Sadie needs a box to put her cards in? Oh yes, we will make that.
 Sadie picked out the hot air balloon idea we found on Pinterest.

You want waffles for breakfast? Done -- I will make them in the shape of hearts and put strawberry jam on them.
I actually called my sister and asked her when Valentine's Day had become almost as time consuming as Christmas? It probably didn't help that Sadie went to school and announced to everyone that her dad got her an American Girl Doll for Valentine's Day. Parents all over Arizona now think we are ridiculous over the top parents. I should point out, that it's the Target knock off and cost the same as a box of chocolates.

The boys did in fact get boxes of chocolates and tickets for a Lego movie date.  Ellie got a new pink polka dot shirt.
I sent my kids off to school with lunches full of Valentine puns and in free dress clothes. And yes, Sadie picked that outfit all by herself.

Ellie wanted little gifts for all of her girlfriends. I'm a big believer that Valentine's isn't a boy-girl holiday, so I said, "Let's call Aunt Lola and ask her to make us a printable." She literally whipped these babies out.
Everyone is jealous of my personal graphic designer. I sometimes wonder how I lucked out too.  Especially since all she gets from me are hand me downs and Activity Days spiritual message ties in to the activity she has planned.

Dustin, Luke and I went out for breakfast, and we ended up with Lottie too, so I'm pretending it's their first date.
 Luke and Lottie. Does that not have the best ring to it?

Then there was playgroup and one last group of friends to take through the temple. That night we celebrated with 3/4 of our kids. Ellie was off at a girlfriend party.
I asked the kids if they wanted a fancy dinner or a red themed dinner and they opted for fancy, so we ate filet mignon, potatoes, an assortment of veggies and *two* desserts (sugar cookies and brownies with sea salt caramel gelato).

I seriously love my family and I loved every little thing I could do to tell them how much I love them.

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