How I learned to love Halloween

In case you're wondering why I suddenly have such an enthusiasm for Halloween, I thought I'd better explain. I have a few friends who are Halloween-CRAZED --they know who they are, but I've never been a big fan. Dustin and Nate both have birthdays just days before and it seems like there are so many stinking things going on that time of year. You've got school parties, friend parties, Church parties, neighborhood parties, going to the pumpkin patch, carving pumpkins and then the actual day itself. Then there's always the gobs of crappy candy you don't want your kids to eat that they've gatehred through all these events.

So in general, I've just never done very much around the house for Halloween. I figure there's enough going on already. My big thing last year was getting the kids pumpkin shirts because Nate loved pumpins so much. We've never even carved a pumpkin!

Last week I was talking to Ellie's room mom about how we should start planning the Halloween class party. When I taught school we had the BEST Halloween parties. One mom brought in smoke machine! Anyway, back to the story. So the mom e-mails Ellie's teacher and we find out that there is no Halloween party! The school district doesn't allow you to celebrate Halloween. WHAAAATTTTT? I'm going to spend $50 on a Halloween outfit and Ellie isn't going to have 80 billion things to go to? She's in school all day so she's missing out on half the usual Halloween hub bub. PLus it's a uniform school, so it's not like she can even wear a pumpkin shirt to school.

Suddenly Halloween has a whole new appeal to me. I don't know if I'm drawn to it because it's taboo, or just because I feel bad that Ellie won't get to enjoy a two week long celebration. Whatever it is, I'm suddenly in love with Halloween. Jill and I are re-instating the neighborhood Halloween party -- Janel and Casey are dying to help out I just know it! Monday I went out to Target and went Halloween crazy. We've been eating off of Halloween placemats this week and I can't wait for October 1st to put out my pumpkins. I love Halloween! Bring it on!!!


Chelsea said...

Welcome to Chandler School district 101. You may not walk on the grass of the schools and you certainly won't celebrate holidays. We will try our hardest to teach your children the basics, but beyond is stictly up to them. I heart Chandler! :) Thank goodness the education part is getting better. You do know that I still can't do fractions and I was in the top of my graduating class. Scary....
When I was in 1st grade they took away this wonderful blessed event (aka Halloween) right out from underneath us. Instead we got to have a school bike ride or something.!
I am boycotting the idea of it this year because my family is nuts about Halloween and I don't get to be there. So instead I am going to wallow in my mysery and post embarassing pictures of people on my blog! :)

Lisa Brown said...

What?! No school Halloeween party?! That's crazy! I feel sorry for the teachers, since even though the party was wild, it always gave the kids an outlet for all their Halloween excitement. Good for you getting in the celebrating mode, I know Ellie will appreciate it :).

Janel said...

I'm actually a little glad becuase I am Coopers room mom and its one more thing I don't have to do. I LOVE Halloween and I' m probably going to decorate this weekend. I am totally DYING to help with the neighborhood party, you know it!!! LOL And the lack of school suport is my excuse to not spend very much on costumes, if I can help it. It really is the funnest holiday besides Christmas!

The Krassow's said...

Halloween rocks!! It's even more fun back home in the midwest where you also have the leaves changing colors and falling to the ground and the weather's getting chilly. I'm finally getting used to the fact that out here I have to think about how hot the costumes will be to wear for the kids. And yes I'd be more than happy to help with the party!

Lisa said...

welcome to the dark side my sunny friend!

"gobs of crappy candy" and "never carved a pumpkin"

we need to have a sit down! the reason your kids get gobs of candy is so you can take the best for yourself! LOL

and trust me--there's a whole lot of stress relief in wielding a big ole carving knife into something!! ha

Kat said...

Maddy! Here is my confession... I am stalking you! Haha.
I thought your post was funny cause last year you were feeling pretty excited about halloween being OVER! :)
I have a blog now, nothing exciting so you won't really ever want to check it, but here it is.

Dust and Maddy said...

Katherine -- Just in case you come back, I tried to comment on your blog, but it says only team members can. I guess I could jsut tell you this when I see you tomorrow :D

Anonymous said...

Enough of the Halloween boo hoo's! Where are the pictures of the kids for the picture starved Granny?

Love ya! M's Mom

The Tyler's said...

Halloween comes in a mere 2nd on my list!! I love everything about it! Let's start planning the party this week!
Yay for the program being over!!

lynette said...

As with all holidays, it's for the kids! They are the main reason why I get excited for Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and even lame-r holidays like St. Patrick's day or Valentine's Day. Seeing the wonder and excitement in their eyes makes all the craziness worth while.

Kerry said...



Donna Martin graduates!

(Sorry, wrong protest there.)

Do you want me to go to the school and get all Halloween on their butts? That stinks.

laura said...

LMAO at kerry! :D

maddy - you are such a rebel! enjoy your newfound love of the dark day! and a pox on the schools that no longer allow it (ours included - don't feel left out).

happy halloween month! i'm so proud of your transformation!