Package day!

So I ordered my Bridesmaids dress from J Crew back when I was in Virginia, but somehow it got lost and I've been waiting for it ever since. I'm so glad it got lost because it arrived the same day as all sorts of other stuff I've ordered, so I got a big old delivery from UPS today. I love getting good mail.

Here is the dress -- my nursing chest soooo does not fit in the dress! EEK! I had planned on weaning Sadie before the wedding, but now I really have to. The black thing is really just covering up the fact that I have a sports bra on, squishing my chest so I don't have the cleavage look like I walked out of a Jane Austen movie. I can't remember what my pre-Sadie chest was like! AHHH! It fits everywhere BUT the chest. Do I return it and order a size up just in case? Seriously people -- what do I do?

Sadie in her flower girl dress. She won't be wearing a bow at the wedding -- don't worry! For once she'll be bowless. Sadie is such a squirt I ordered her two sizes just in case, but I think I was right with the bigger size.

And Nate in his jacket. He looked at me like I was crazy when I was trying to get him to put it on. He really wanted his picture taken, so I told him I would only if he put it on. Bribery always works! Oh -- and this not for the wedding. Just for when we have to freeze our tushies off in Virginia in the winter.


Michelle said...

what happened to your head????
come'on, let's see that cute face.

Oh and I dunno what to do about the boobage....I've got a set but they've always been "overpowered" by my tushy...ah what problems you have ;)

okay seriously...if you can swing it, get a bigger size and don't wean her. You're really digging nursing with her and I can tell you that when you lose your milk before you want to it's depressing (member CKU?)

Janel said...

I say FLAUNT THE CLEAVAGE! Go Pam Anderson style, thats hot. LOL j/k If it is a dress you will wear after the wedding, then keep the smaller because the girls will fit into it pretty soon regardless. If you never want to wear it again, then be comfy for the wedding.

Chelsea said...

I agree with Janel! And yes...where is your head?! Does it change the look of the dress with your head?! I love the dress I guess either way! I think Sadie should still wear a bow. I think bows are the cutest things. I don't think my husband agrees when I put them on my boys...but oh well!
And I am glad you clarified what Nate's jacket is for. I got a little worried when I looked at the picture before I read it! Cute though! Where is it from?
Happy package day!!

Lisa Brown said...

I also agree that you should flaunt it :), especially because once you wean her, you will shrink a size smaller than you started out with - like a deflated balloon - I hate that part.

Love the dresses though, and Nate is so handsome! Too bad he can't wear that jacket more. We try and avoid visiting family in the winter months, since we don't have anything even close to winter clothes. We'd have to buy a new wardrobe for the kids just for the visit :).

lynette said...

Those dresses are so pretty! I say keep the dress and if you're not into showing off the goods, take it to a seamstress...maybe they can adjust it.

laura said...

y'all are so cute! :)

get the bigger dress - don't wean if you're not ready!

Lisa said...

pretty stuff! and welcome to my life--ordering stuff tp fit the chest! i would get one size up!

Shanna said...

ummmmmm...yah. Nuttin' wrong with some cleavage showin' LOL