Sorry for the lapse -- I promise to be up and posting tomorrow with pictures and everything. We've been up to a lot, but I'm just on to add some new links today. 1. Amy -- my super cute neighbor and Ellie's Primary Teacher. Ellie's other just-as-cute Primary teacher, Katherine, is on my list too 2. Holly -- one of my fabulous friends from when we were first married at BYU and 3. Nicole -- a super talented friend from church

For today I leave you with an Ellie funny. We were in the car talking and Ellie mentioned a little something about her Principal.
Ellie: Mom do you know that Dr. Bader just changed her name to be Dr. Bader?
Me: What was it before?
Ellie: I don't know. Maybe Dentist Bader?

So just to prove good on my promise, I made my kids take a whole bunch of pictures to go along with everything I promise to blog about. That also means you'll be seeing the same outfits for a week ;p.
<---- Sneak peek

Happy Sunday! No school this week, and Conference this weekend. I really feel like I'm on vacation.


Chelsea said...

I'll be holding you to this promise! :) Too funny about Dentist Bader. HAHA!

The Poulson's said...

Hey, I changed my blog address because of the whole blog email thing last week...we are now blogging at Check me out!

lynette said...

Too cute... have a happy "vacation!"

Janel said...

I'm on school/conference vaca too. AND a no babysitting week...I'm on REAL vacation!! LOL Too funny about Dentist Bader......When school started Cooper told me that he thought Dr. Bader was "hot". I think thats about the funniest thing he's ever said.

Lisa Brown said...

Fun stuff! Can't wait to see more pics of your adorable kids.