It has a name!

I meant to post this on Friday and take a picture of my kids in their cool NY t-shirts, but I never got around to taking the picture, so I forgot to post it. OOPS! Anyway, so I'll just add on to it and hopefully get a picture later this week.

Dustin is back from his trip to New York for the big product launch. They officially named it Business byDesign. So now I can say what my husband does, not that it makes it any more clear to me what all it entails. It's a really exciting time for his group since they've been working really hard to get customers live for the big day. Really hard. Like 15 hour days hard. I'm also proud because he earned award for all his hard work. He's a rock star.

You can read about it here

Usually I'm pretty good about not being mopey when Dustin is out of town, but this trip was HARD! Maybe because the kids were still sick and whiny, but mostly because I had planned on going with him. Due to a laundry list of reason -- each more boring than the last so I won't list them all -- I ended up staying home and being slightly bitter the whole time.

But he's home now and we're happy to have him.

This weekend was our Primary Program and it was AWESOME!!! Janel is our Chorister and Jill wrote our program, so they get all the props! Thanks girls for being so great. You're the BEST! I will never ever let them release you. EVER. At the end of Saturday practice we were playing Red Rover and just laughing with the kids and I thought, "I can't believe I get to have this much fun in a calling!" I feel really lucky to get to know all the kids. They are so willing to share and so easy to love.

So today after I got home from helping out at Ellie's school, Nate and I went to the grocery store for ingredients for poppy seed bread to make for Jill and Janel. I also had to get some donuts since I had promised one little girl a donut if she said her part, and while I was there I saw the Halloween sugar cookies that Ellie loves to make, so I threw those in the cart as well. I was so embarrassed to check out with a cart of SUGAR! I gained weight just looking at my shopping cart.

I did manage to get rid of all the bread and then my neighbor gave us Amish bread starter. But I just can't resist sugar and bread. Especially together. YUM! Anyway, enjoy the pictures which have nothing to do with anything. Nate is obsessed with puzzles lately and Sadie can't resist my computer.


Janel said...

Awwww, thanks Maddy!! I don't really feel like I did all that much, I'm just glad it turned out so stinkin awesome!! And I did think that the saturday activities after the practice were SUPER fun! Isn't it funny how the simplest games (freeze dance and red rover) can be the most fun for everyone. I guess it helps to have such cute kids to play with. BTW the bread was really good (and long gone eaten of course) Thanks! I am really relieved that its all over! Now we get to part-ay in primary and not have to do so much WORK!!! LOL

And I am laughing reallly hard at myself after reading Dustins company article....I had no idea I was so stupid..I truly did not understand ONE THING it was talking about. I'm REALLY confused! Are you sure he's not a CIA spy going on covert missions and that is all secret code?

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh you promised Hannah a donut!! She came down in the middle of the program and Brenda mouthed to April Rieck to take her to the bathroom but Hannah walked up to April and asked if she could have her donut now. We were laughing so hard!! The program was awesome!!!!!! You guys make for a great primary!

Chelsea said...

I am so glad your program went well! You really have the best group to work with! I agree with Janel. CIA for sure! :)
Sorry you didn't know that to be a good mom you have to deep condition thier hair weekly. Even the boys! So strap them down tonight and pull out the cream! :) HAHA! Love, "THE BQ"

The Tyler's said...

You put alot of hard work into the program also, so thank YOU for all you do also!! Thanks again for the bread, I have eaten it all myself!!

I didn't take the time to read what Dustin does. I'll trust ya on whatever it is.

I just love that little dimple Sadie girl!

lynette said...

Hah! I HATE when I make a dash to the grocery store and when I check out my cart is only junk food. I feel like telling the checker,
"Yes, this is why I'm chubby!"

Lisa Brown said...

Congrats on finishing your program! I hope ours goes well. The new President refuses to do a Saturday rehearsal, which makes me a little nervous. Oh well. It will happen, and it will be fine. Oh, and I am glad you have your husband back. Those trips get hard.

Brett and Kasia Gustaveson said...

Amish bread starter! We love that stuff--especially Brett. It's like eating donuts...speaking of donuts. Congrats on your program. It takes a lot to put them together. Ours isn't until October. I'll be relieved when it is over.

The Poulsons said...

The program was so awesome! Isn't it just so great to have it behind you?
I am right there with you on the whole single parent thing. Ryan does come home at night, but it's after the boys are in bed and he's up in the morning and out the door just as their waking up, so I do feel your pain.

The Krassow's said...

Great job on the program all you girls!! Okay I read the link about Dustin's job - was that english? Did not understand one thing except that Dustin must be super smart. Congrats to him anyhow!!

Lisa said...

i always say--man cannot survive on bread alone--but woman can! yum!!! glad your program went well and is done!

Anonymous said...

Why must I always have to ask for new pictures! Love you, M's Mom