Scuttlebutt and the Gang

My brother-in-law got a job in Colorado.  Boo?  Hooray?  Who knows how I feel about all of this.  Probably good because having a job is awesome.  The only thing I know for sure was that I was SUPER excited because he had to come to Phoenix for 2 weeks of training.  WOO HOO!  Even better was that they were here for all the fun big events -- birthdays, Halloween, the Primary Program, lots of parties, gymnastics, karate (oh wait, that one wasn't exciting because it turned out to be picture day). . . anyway, it was non-stop awesome-sauce.

The only shot you will see of my sister the entire 2 weeks since she is opposed to having pictures of herself taken.  I cannot understand why, but I do have 3 possible ideas:

1. She holds the Native American belief that having your picture taken steals you soul.
2. Part Vampire.
3. Most likely -- my parents stole her as a baby and she doesn't want her real parents to find her.  Probably because I'm such an awesome sister.

Anyway, besides all of the events listed above we also:

Got make overs at Sephora and finally spent the gift cards Dustin gave us last Christmas.  My lady gave me an "evening look" so that explains the lack of pictures.

Kathleen took the kids lunch at school and solidified her title as Coolest Aunt in the Universe

Showed up for the first Running Club of the season (also not exciting -- apparently they just explain a lot of rules and the toddlers ended up covered in dirt).  Oh wait -- Travis got stung by a bee.  That was pretty exciting.  Sad, but exciting.

Fought over Baby Nora (she survived)

HELD Baby Nora who was on a sleep strike

Started our very own toddler fight club.  No pictures, I think you can understand why.  First rule of Fight Club: You do NOT talk about Fight Club (I've only seen the previews, never the movie, so I could be wrong).

Went shopping for Nate's big birthday gift. 

Here's a hint if you haven't read one of his million birthday posts yet: 
Leveled, taped and painted stripes in Nate's room -- with 2 toddlers a non-napping baby underfoot.

 Ate a giant pizza at the park.

Threw my sister a party.  I can't reveal the theme but you can make your own assumptions based on this picture:

Played lots of Sorry Sliders -- whether it made children cry or not. 

Had sleep overs and read dozens of books instead of going to sleep.

Watched the debates with no husbands around to tell us to simmer down on our political rants.

 Lots and lots of food shopping even though Olivia's not a big fan of actual food.

4 words: Sparkle Dazzle Dance Boutique.  Apparently this skirt is one size fits all. 

Played Ticket to Ride where I mistook one Canadian city for another (aren't they all the same??) and the boys creamed us, but "I'm proud of you Kathleen."  For being the loser.

 Built a Fort  -- no one fell off, even when they were relaxing in that precariously perched orange chair.

And just laughed and talked like sister do.

We were so sad to see them go.  My sister loves my kids more than I could have ever imagined.  They are spoiled to have her.  She brings so much excitement and joy to the house (although, getting homework done is a lot easier and the kids complain less about going to school in the morning).  Luckily they'll be in back in less than 3 weeks.  Hurry back -- we miss you!!

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