April Fool's

Children make holidays more magical. They also make them a lot more work. I very stupidly started being awesome with holidays about the same time Pinterest emerged and I had a million and one ideas to choose from. I now no longer even check Pinterest because I don't want to feel guilty for all the things I am *not* doing. So it's no surprise that I hadn't given a lot of thought to April Fool's this year. The kids, however, insisted that I put on the full show: morning pranks, funny lunches, and the Wacky Cafe for dinner.

I thought it would be so funny to move the kids around into each other's beds but I couldn't stay up long enough to make sure they were in a deep sleep, so I just moved their bedding around. Nate got a pink money and pink blanket.  Sadie got Ho Ho and a BYU pillow and we shoved all of the stuffed animals in the entire house into Ellie's bed with her. Only the joke was on us. Each of the kids woke up at least once during the night crying for a missing object.
While they ate breakfast I had them fill out their dinner orders so I could make sure I had all the ingredients. I went Disney themed this year and had them pick 2-3 items from 4 different Disney movies.

Once the children were off to school I proceeded to waste the entire morning with Kristin pulling a prank on our personal trainer. Actually, a morning with Kristin is never a waste. Anytime we complain during the workout, the trainers tell us that we can go do pink weights at . We thought it would be hysterical to go take some pictures outside of the gym with our pink weights and put it on their facebook page telling them not to charge us for the month. Our genius idea was very poorly thought through, especially since we only had Luke to take a picture of us:
 As there was no one at the front desk and no one going in and out of the gym, we had to wait forever until someone came out of the store next door. This gym also offers pizza once a month, so we thought it would be even funnier to do a SECOND picture of us eating pizza.  Except Little Cesar's wasn't opened that early in that morning, so while we were waiting around we got Kristin some new running shoes.
 Luke wanted me to take a picture of him too.
 After shoes and pizza, we talked Diane into coming over and taking a dumb picture for us.
 Two and a half hours later, we thought we were the funniest people on the planet.

Then it was time to come home and get ready for dinner.
Buzz's Rocket Fuel to drink, Mr. Potatohead Wouldn't Approve, Anna's Construction Materials, Ariel's Schoolmates, Tick Tock Clock's Doppleganger, and Sven's Delight
I probably should have checked people's orders better because Sadie ended up with a rather unhealthy dinner of snack food.  Luke's wasn't much better.
But the kids love the Wacky Cafe and it was great for me not to have to cook since Dustin was out of town. And with that the holidays are over.  PHEW!

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