Extracurricular Activities

Nate and Ellie have been keeping us busy these days.

Nate is back for another season of football. That means on top of crossfit twice a week and Scouts, he has football twice a week and games on Saturday. Thank heavens our piano teacher had a baby and is taking a few months off.
This season he is playing on the best team. It probably helps that his coach is our neighbor and he has some of his favorite friends on his team.

Meanwhile, Ellie has been trying to earn money for Girl's Camp this summer. She learned to make these adorable felt bows at my sister's so we thought she could sell them for fifty cents each.
I sent a text to a few friends and before we knew it she had made almost 200 bows in just a few short days. She worked so hard and I'm so proud of her. I kind of felt like I was running a sweat shop with child laborers. I did take pity and help her cut out some of the bows, but other than that, the work was all up to her.

Luke is still begging me for a baby. We got a baby fix when my girlfriend had us babysit one Sunday.
It's not going to happen buddy. Sorry.

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