Conference Weekend

Another favorite tradition around our house is General Conference weekend. I don't have anything specific I do for the kids, so that's always a toss up.  I've tried the candy jars, packets, puzzles, building forts, taking notes. . . I still haven't found anything I love. This year we just gave the kids candy for every talk they listened to.

Saturday night, however, we have a tradition of getting together with girlfriend's during the Priesthood Session. We have a potluck, pick up pizza for the kids and talk about what we loved from the Saturday sessions of conference. This year we had 37 kids running around.
 It always makes me all warm and fuzzy inside to see them together. Without any siblings or parents around, it's amazing to me that my kids can grow up around these kids like they're family. They have all been together for so long that there is never anyone left out and no teasing either. Everyone feels part of the group.

And of course my gorgeous girlfriends are all the best company I could ask for.
The boys all go out afterwards, so Molly, Meredith and I all switch kids for sleepovers. This year I got Brynley and Sadie and Luke and Zac. Luke and Zac insisted on sharing a bed, so I was surprised they actually fell asleep.

Our Ward had an assignment to serve at home for mentally handicapped adults, so I headed over for brunch at Meredith's with the kids while Dustin was off with the youth for the day. We ate a lot of food.
Too much food! We always go over for brunch and end up staying until bedtime, so we've started planning for dinner too. The kids make a movie and present it after dinner. There always seems to be some sort of dance scene which is probably my favorite part of the movie every year.
For the April session, we get to celebrate Amelia's birthday too. After gorging ourselves all day, we still managed to stuff our faces with cookies and cupcakes.

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