Nate Update

OK, so as promised. . . here is a little update!

Nate got his hair cut on Thursday. It had gotten so long and scuzzy that it was curling up in the back. Now he is a clean cut cutie. Dustin and I always get a little sad when we cut his hair. We know we have to, but there is something so cute about his wild-do right after he wakes up when it's nice and long. The same night we cut his hair, he was playing in the Lamb's house and Jill walked in and couldn't even figure out who he was.

Also, please note his tie! The kid has never wanted to wear a tie, but I found *the* tie that makes the difference. Saturday after the RS Broadcasst, my girlfriends and I went out to BJ's for dessert. Of course the wait was over an hour for 14 people, so we were forced to go shopping at the mall. Children's Place had these little train ties, so I got one for Nate hoping he'd love it and decide to wear it. Sunday morning I pulled it out of the bag and he started backing away until I told him it had trains on it. "Choo Choo Twains?" And he loved it. I'm sure Sarah's surprised ;D.

He loved the tie so much, he won't take it off. He somehow talked Ellie into putting it on him this afternoon.


Chelsea said...

So cute! I love little boys in ties. Fresh cut hair is so cute, but I love messy bed head. Isn't there a happy in between??

lynette said...

Too cute! This makes me really miss The Children's Place.

Lisa Brown said...

I LOVE Children's Place ties! Derek has 5 of them, and he isn't even two yet. They are the greates because the kids can't get them off, and they are so nice looking.

Beth said...

So cute! I love that he latches on to all sorts of articles of clothing all the time- what a ham!