Birthday Boys

It's my baby boy's birthday! And Saturday was Dustin's, so we are just about sugared out over here -- just in time for Halloween!

Dustin's birthday was unplanned, just as he wanted it. We went out to breakfast, then he went to the gym and attempted to get some work done in the garage. That night we went out to dinner -- not where I had made reservations -- and then Christmas shopping -- how lucky am I to get to do my favorite activity n HIS birthday? After that we headed over to Noah and Jill's rockin' Halloween party. The games were super fun. I'm going to have to steal the Remember When game if I can ever get my act together. There were some really great costumes too -- I loved Noah and Jill as Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth the most.

Kate aka Nicole Richie, Jill as Beth, Rodeo Queen Katherine, me as Wilma, Janel the Kitty Cat and Casey as a Gypsy.

Dustin did manage to be on the winning team for one of the games, so we came home with a Golden Spoon gift card.

Today I celebrated Nate's birthday by feeding him oatmeal for breakfast, shipping him off to a neighbor's for the morning while I volunteered at Ellie's school and wrapped the Christmas gifts we bought on Saturday. By the time he got home, he had a whole list of family that wanted to wish him Happy Birthday, so we spent an hour on the phone and put him down for a nap.

I'm not that mean, though. I did make him an awesome Thomas cake, which he loves, and we're having pizza for dinner while watching The Nightmare Before Christmas -- all of Nate's favorite things: Pizza, cake, Thomas, and a Halloween movie.

Now that the birthdays are over, and Halloween is almost done, I'm getting so excited for Christmas just around the corner. I can't believe how fast this year is going!

Oh, and warning -- gross photo ahead! This is Sadie enjoying Nate's birthday cake.


lynette said...

I love that you went to a Halloween party where that adults dressed up! I wish I had cool friends like that.
And, what's the Remember When game so I can steal it too!

Chelsea said...

Happy Birthday Dustin and Nate! Party central at the Roger's! Way to get my favorite time of the day in: NAP! Ahh, I can hear heaven's choir!

Hope it's a fun spooky night with the movie!:)

The Tyler's said...

You guys are going to be all candied and sweets out buy the time Halloween gets here! You guys looked great at the party!
Don't even say that Christmas word!....It's coming way too fast!

Lisa said...


The Krassow's said...

The party was a blast wasn't it? I'm glad you guys were there!

Holly said...

Did you get a picture of Beth & the Dog? That is the funniest idea for a costume! We may have to do that next year!
Happy Birthday to Nate and Dustin! Sounds like you're enjoying the holidays and all the festivities!! Have a fun Halloween!

Lisa Brown said...

It sounds like they both had awesome birthdays! And you are totally a woman after my own heart with your Christmas shopping. I hadn't thought about wrapping the presents this early though . . . sounds like a good idea :).

Chelsea said...

We use sitemeter on our blog and I am tired of the creepy strangers who are lurking. We are going private today. Email me your email address at to join our private party!! This email address is JUST for getting your address, not as my new email. Hope to hear from you soon! :)

Lara said...

Hey Maddy!
I saw "Dustin and Maddy R." linked to some random blog and thought it might be you.

It was fun to see you at that 2Peas crop in AZ last year...we moved back to Utah right after our baby was born.

Love your Halloween parties!

Dust and Maddy said...

Holly -- go check out m friend Jill's blog. She was the one who came as Beth and she has pictures of everyone. She had these horrid fake boobs and she even got her husband to bleach his hair and put in hair extensions from Sally beauty. It was impressive!

And hey Lara! Oh my gosh, it's been a while! So glad you found me.

Beth said...

Happy Belated Birthday to both boys! ;)