Oh yeah, it's PICTURE DAY!

I can't believe I paid that much money and I know I'm going to get some funky picture home. Does anyone ever look good in school pictures? I think they purposely plan them for after recess and lunch so your kids look dirty. Anyway, I wanted to capture all the hard work I put into her hair, so I made her take some picture before school. She really wanted her hair curled and I accidentally touched her ear with the curling iron at one point. This resulted in a huge melt down. I did put ice on it, but trust me, there was nothing there.

Ellie is always telling me that she has four ouchies, so after we took pictures we were sitting down talking and I asked her to show me her scabs. She starts counting them and then she says, "But now I have five!" And I asked her where the fifth one was. She tells me, "Remember? The burning."

I hope I get a picture with teeth showing! She wouldn't smile for me until I let her be goofy. I didn't pay good money to have those teeth put back into socket for nothing. Oh well, she's cute either way!


Chelsea said...

I am so envious of her hair. It is so pretty. "The burning" cracked me up!

The Tyler's said...

That girl is 5 going on 15! I love the pics. Even if the school ones don't turn out they are still fun to have.
Everyone but me (I'm always bragging about my great immune system) has strep around here, so beware!!

The Krassow's said...

She is soo cute!!

Kerry said...

You know how you keep asking me if there is anything you can do to help me? - OK please come over right now and show me how you did her hair. She looks so cute!!!!

I hate school pictures. They never even look like my children. I swear.

I already had one child come home upset that everybody else went home with pictures except him. I'm like, "Yeah, and everybody else's mothers don't record their children's growth amost DAILY in photographs - or blog about them!!!!"

Holly said...

That is so funny! You did a great job on her hair! I'll cross my fingers for cute school pics:0)

Brett and Kasia Gustaveson said...

Ellie looks so so cute! I feel like a horrible mother because I totally forgot about Picture Day. I don't think Wilson even matched that day. Okay so it wasn't that bad, but still! Good memories, I guess.

lynette said...

Teeth put back into socket? What happened?
Cute hair though!

Dust and Maddy said...

Lynette --