Ellie Update

Ellie is on break WOO HOO. She hasn't woken up before 8 am all week. She might be slightly bitter that we're not going anywhere, but she's having fun anyway. All last week I had to hear where everyone was going -- a resort in Mexico, Jamaica, a Disney Cruise. . . Oh well, we've got lots of fun things to do here.

Monday she spent the day at Lexie's house. They are such cute little buddies and I know Ellie has missed her "old" friends since school started, so she had a blast making cookies and playing. Tuesday we had her friend Abby over and her mom bought us all lunch. That evening she even got to go to Brookie and Sami's house so Lyndsay could watch all the kids -- Becky wanted to be there since it was Lyndsay's first time watching some one as little as Sadie.

Today we played school to get some of the break packet done and we're trying to potty train Nate. So far so good. I can't turn back now or else it will result in the 4 month regression I got the last time I caved in. So I will press on -- wish me luck!

Last night Dustin and I went shopping for a new dress for Zoofari. It's an annual fund raiser for the Phoenix Zoo in case you're confused at why I need a new dress. When we got home Ellie wanted to see the dress, so I unzipped the bag and showed it to her. First words out of her mouth: I am sooooo going to wear that for dress-up.

And one more thing HAPPY BIRTHDAY KERRY! Love ya!


Lisa Brown said...

Okay, so now you need to post pictures of your new dress :).

lynette said...

I am sooo excited to see this dress!
Good luck potty-training!

Anonymous said...

i have the most beautiful niece in the entire world.

Chelsea said...

Woo Hoo on potty training. I am sending over my vat of ice cream and ibuprofen, and a truck load of paper towels. Good luck! :)

And I love that Ellie thinks your dress is for dress up! Haha!! Are we going to get to see this said dress?!

Beth said...

This post is meaningless without photos. ;)

Sounds like you're having fun and keeping busy! Good luck with the potty training!

Kerry said...


I want to see the dress! Zoofari? Is it some sort of animal print??? haha!