I need you address!

Hey all, in case you didn't get the e-mail -- and I know there are a few of you who didn't because I couldn't find your e-mail address -- I lost my address book. So please e-mail me your address. Thanks, Maddy

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Chelsea said...

Since I check your blog several times daily does that constitue someone who may get an email from Maddy and didn't get one? Or am I reading a post not directed at me? Either way...Here's the ol' email:

And if I was in the not so cool club, just send me a pretend email so I don't feel so dumb replying to this post! And then all of you can laugh at me in AZ! :) I am too far to see or hear. But beware: I am married to a bug man and I have connections still....

And lastly: Blogger and Photobucket HATE me. I can't do anything to make a new post about our getaway. I am really getting angry. I was on the phone for an hour today with our cable people today. They are saying our computer has a problem, not them. So who knows now! I'll give you a hint: It was very magical and our dreams were coming true.