On my bad list

I have a bone to pick with Mr. Bensenville Illinois, number 847-598-2940. I have no clue what he was going to try to sell me, but when the phone rings at 5:56 am, it better be some sort of emergency.

Just a little bitter this morning. That's all.


Lisa Brown said...

That stinks!! I had a wrong number last night after 11pm, when i had just drifted off. I wanted to shoot somebody after that one, so i totally feel your pain.

Anonymous said...

so call him at say -- 11pm your time! love ya!

lynette said...

Who is this guy and what was he thinking?!!!

ammon said...

The reception desk at the hotel we're in right now called us at 1 in the morning the other day. The reason? To ask me my name!!!!! After that they said, "OK, good night."