TMI -- poop talk ahead

In the process of potty-training Nate, he has refused to go #2 in the toilet. It has been a source of much frustration as I'm sure you can imagine. I have reduced myself to bribery at times even because I know he has to go, but won't do it on the toilet. I've promised him pretty much any toy he ever wants if he'll just do it. So sure enough, last night I hear him yelling from the bathroom, "I go poop!" Then he says, "I go to the store!" Of course he remembers my promise. And of course, it's also Sunday! This is where my uber-planning pays off, because I had some Christmas toys in a cupboard already, so I just grabbed one.

And speaking of planning. . . last night I was telling Dustin a few of the things I had planned for his birthday and then I asked him what else he wanted me to plan and he tells me, "I want to not have anything planned." WHATTTT? Seriously, we've been married for 8 years and we're finally acknowledging the fact that I am an over-planner and Dustin is a non-planner. It's a serious trial to both of us to put with the other one's planning approach, but at least now we've discussed it. I like to plan, then re-plan, write out my plan, talk about my plan, e-mail everyone my plan, then blog about my plan and re-re-plan if at all possible. Dustin would prefer if we didn't even own a calendar. I can be yaking away about possible plans and Dustin will not even say a word because he doesn't want to commit to anything. Unfortunately for Dustin, I did have to have reservations for his birthday dinner but I guess we'll fly by the seat of our pants from there.

Pictures from the weekend:

Ellie the Fairy. Yes, I bought her a costume and she changed her mind. I told her I wasn't buying her another costume, so this is what we came up with from a mish-mash of dance costumes and dress up. Thanks for the loaner wings B! I was the "coolest mom ever" because I curled her hair and let her wear glittery make-up.

Sadie and Claire. Aren't they so cute and little? This is the great art about living in Arizona for Halloween. Your daughter can wear a tiny little Fairy costume and be perfectly warm. I saw on my friend's blog that it snowed in Utah this weekend!

Nate loved the potato sack races. He actually did pretty well in the beginning, but he tired out and came in last. That didn't stop him from wanting to do it all over again with the older kids a couple more times. He was also sacred of Cooper and Wyatt's costume. They were werewolves and Janel did such a great job on them that Nate had no idea who they were.

Ellie swinging at the pinata. I seriously have never seen kids swarm as fast as they did Saturday night.


lynette said...

Triumph with the #2 and kudos on the costume!

The Tyler's said...

Whaa!! I'm so sad I missed it, but the pics look great! I love the little babies in there costumes! I forgot to give you the butterfly costume. Do you still want it?
I'm with Dustin on the planning. I HATE to commit to something until the last second.

Dahle Family said...

Isn't it great when you become the best mom ever. I love how you and Dustin admit your polar opposites and can still laugh and carry on the way you would anyways and love life while doing it.

Janel said...

I am definetly the planner. A long as it is someting fun, then I don't want to think about it. Congrats to Nate on pooping, it is a big deal!

The party was so fun, it was good to get a trial run on the werewolves. Luckily I don't have to do it again till the 31st! Its a lot of work, but really worth it. I'm glad you got a picture, I was too dang tired and I forgot to take one.

And I LOVE LOVE your haloween decorations you made, VERY cute!!!

laura said...

ah - i remember those potty training days sooo well! ;) good luck!

love the costumes! looks like you had fun!

Chelsea said...

I'm back!! ;)

I thought I told you no posting!
So I love the costumes. Super fun and very creative! I love your halloween crafts. You are way to creative! Can you stop by here and spruce up our house?! :)
I am very proud of Nate and his poop situation. I thought it was going to be a gross story the way you warned us. Darn...I'm jealous you didn't have to have a messy situation on your hands.
I miss Scneph farms. How in the world do they spell that? I grew up with them and still can't get it right!
Stay tuned probably by tomorrow for my novel update! :)

Anonymous said...

All 3 kids are darling. Nice job mommy! And yes, potty training. For me, it was easy. I bribed her with M&Ms. Once it kicks in, it's magical! It's like a lightbulb goes off in their head and all that diaper stuff is SO yesterday.

Holly said...

Yeah for Nate! And props to you for already having Christmas presents in the closet! Ellie's costume is so did a great job! Glad you had a fun party!

Holly said...

Yeah for Nate! And props to you for already having Christmas presents in the closet! Ellie's costume is so did a great job! Glad you had a fun party!

Holly said...

Sorry...I hit "publish" twice:0)