Yesterday we spent the day in exotic Mesa. Kerry took her kids to the Dinosaur Museum earlier this week and it sounded like so much fun that I talked Gina and her kids into coming with us.

It all started off so fun. Nate loved the dinosaurs and the kids thought everything was so cool. Then there's this room with hanging sea monsters in it, and I tried to get my kids to go in there. The next thing I know, Ellie is crying real tears and Nate is hiding. After that, everything was "scary."

Luckily you can also pan for gold at the museum, so not all was lost. My kids loved that part. The gold was so tiny, but they were all so excited when they found a little piece in the sand.

Instead of dumping the water into the fountain, Nate kept dumping it on himself. Thank goodness we did this part last! Below is soaking wet Nate and Kade and Ellie with their gold. Poor Ellie was standing next to Nate a few too many time while panning for gold.

After the museum, we headed back to Gina's for the kids to play and the guys joined us for dinner and the game. Eight hours later, we decided to head home and put the kids to bed. When we told Ellie it was time to go, she whined "But I haven't even gotten to play that much!"

I love this picture of Sadie and Skyler. He was so cute with her. Even though he's 18 months old and can totally walk, he would get down on the floor to play with Sadie. I said they could get married as long as Sadie didn't have to move to Mesa ;p.


Chelsea said...

How fun! My sister told me that that place is doing a Jim Hensen's thing when I am in town. I am all over that! I wish I could say that I am going to cave...but I have to stick to my promise. Total family for 1 week! I am going to miss everyone. :) So here's the updating for a week so I don't miss anything. Deal? And if you do update expect a novel of a comment when I get back.
oh ya...loved Ellie's comment about not getting to play that much!

lynette said...

That's so funny about the sea monsters! Looks like the gold and the water more than made up for it though.

Janel said...

Wyatt was looking over my shoulder at the last post of Ellie and Chloe and he says "whos that??" and I said its Ellies friend and he says "she kind of looks like the girl on the Grinch. I would DEFINETLY want to marry her!" I am so scared for teenagers!! LOL

I'm glad you have been having an awesome break, we have too. it has been pretty fun at our house too.

laura said...

lol at moving to mesa! you are so cute!

i can't believe you took your poor little babies somewhere so SCARY!!! ;)